Century Star Shines Tarim multi-serial time-sharing communication is affirmed

/a>The article mainly introduces Century Star configuration software” title=”Configuration software”>Configuration software” title=”Configuration software”>Configuration software” title=”Configuration software”>Configuration software” title= “Configuration software”>Configuration software in a natural gas recovery monitoring system in a gas field in Tarim, Xinjiang” title=”Monitoring System”>Monitoring system application, focusing on the introduction of multi-serial ports” title=”Serial port”>Serial device communication, data management, etc. technology.

Keywords:Century Star configuration software; natural gas; multi-serial device communication

1 Introduction

The natural gas recovery system mainly realizes the recovery and treatment of the liquid phase part of natural gas. The natural gas is pretreated by the high-efficiency separator, and can be directly supplied to the gas station by pipeline after being pressurized by the high-pressure compressor, but at the same time there are by-products in the liquid phase, which need to be further purified. The liquid-phase product passes through the heat exchanger, oil-water separator, refrigerator, and finally enters the mixed hydrocarbon storage tank, and other by-products are vented and burned at high pressure. In addition, due to the remote location of gas wells, power supply is very difficult, and gas fields use generators to supply their own power.

2 system solutions

There are many kinds of production equipment for gas wells, including separator pretreatment skids, flow meters, gas filling columns, generators, dryers” title=”dryer”> dryers, refrigerators, CNG skids, etc. Configure the intelligent control function, and all support serial communication” title=”serial communication” > serial communication function. In order to realize the unified management of the whole gas well equipment, it is necessary to use the powerful communication function of the computer to realize serial communication with multiple equipments. In this way, real-time monitoring and unified management of production process equipment such as pretreatment skids, compressors, refrigerators, hydrocarbon mixing tanks, and dryers are realized. Since each equipment manufacturer provides a variety of communication protocols, in order to have good compatibility between the human-machine interface and the equipment, the Century Star configuration software is selected as the human-machine interface software, so that the human-machine interface of the monitoring system has strong adaptability and openness. It has obvious advantages such as good performance, easy expansion, economy, and short development cycle. As shown in Figure 1.

Century Star Shines Tarim multi-serial time-sharing communication is affirmed

Figure 1 Structure diagram of natural gas recovery monitoring system

3 System Features

3.1 The process Display effect is good
The data of each production equipment can be displayed in a unified process flow chart, which greatly facilitates equipment management. In addition, Century Star integrates a rich process equipment library, which can facilitate the development of realistic process flow charts and pictures. Support 3D way to dynamically display the status of each device, real-time value, etc., the display effect is very ideal, as shown in Figures 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 on the next page.

Figure 2 Flow chart of natural gas recovery

Figure 3 Flowchart of preprocessing

Figure 4 Compressor flow chart

Figure 5 Flow chart of dryer

Figure 6 Refrigerator flow chart

Figure 7 Flow chart of mixing tank

3.2 Strong serial communication capability
Through the powerful time-sharing multi-device communication technology of Century Star, faster data collection can be realized on multi-core CPU, the data sampling rate of 16 devices is 20ms/time, and the data refresh rate is 55ms/time. Thus, the requirement of real-time monitoring of gas well production is met.

4 Conclusion

This system makes full use of the powerful multi-serial port time-sharing communication technology of Century Star configuration software to ensure the real-time data collection and display of multiple serial port communication devices of the entire gas station, thus greatly improving the equipment management capability of the entire gas station. It provides a solid technical guarantee for the stable and safe operation of the gas station. This technical transformation project has been well received by users since it was put into operation.

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