Is there a lot of radiation in electric vehicles, and is it safe for humans?

Do electric cars emit radiation? The answer is: yes! In fact, electromagnetic radiation is everywhere in our lives. The Earth itself is a large magnetic field. The interaction between electric and magnetic fields produces electromagnetic waves. The process of electromagnetic wave energy propagating in the air is called electromagnetic wave radiation. The human body can absorb and dissolve electromagnetic wave radiation within a certain range, so not all electromagnetic wave radiation is harmful to the human body. As an industrial product, a car is subjected to various rigorous tests when it is manufactured.


Whether it is an ordinary fuel vehicle, a hybrid vehicle or a pure electric vehicle, the intensity of electromagnetic radiation on the human body must be tested. Electric vehicles use electrical energy to drive the car, and the electrical energy is stored in the battery, so there will be some radiation, which is unavoidable, as long as it is controlled within a safe range, it is safe. Amid the popularity of electric vehicles, consumers actually have misconceptions about their safety. The radiation value of electric vehicles is very small, less than one-tenth of most household appliances and Electronic products, and far below the national standard of 100T. As a component, the power battery strictly controls the electromagnetic radiation of the battery system.

Master summary: At the vehicle level, automakers will also conduct inspections at all levels to reduce the radiation intensity to an extremely small level to ensure human safety. Therefore, when users use new energy vehicles, they can use electromagnetic radiation with confidence and enjoy an environmentally friendly, quiet and comfortable life. At present, domestic electric vehicles must be produced in strict accordance with national standards, and must pass strict quality inspections. Electromagnetic radiation also needs to be inspected to pass, so consumers can use them safely.

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