IXYS MCC21-14IO8B New Stock

IXYS  MCC21-14IO8B New Stock
#MCC21-14IO8B IXYS MCC21-14IO8B New Silicon Controlled Rectifier 33A I(T)RMS 21000mA I(T) 1400V V(DRM) 1400V V(RRM) 2 Element TO-240AA 5 PIN, #MCC21_14IO8B

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• International standard package, JEDEC TO-240 AA
• Direct copper bonded Al2O3 -ceramic base plate
• Planar passivated chips
Isolation voltage 3600 V~
• Gate-cathode twin pins for version 1B
• DC motor control
• Softstart AC motor controller
• Light, heat and temperature control
• Space and weight savings
• Simple mounting with two screws
• Improved temperature and power cycling
• Reduced protection circuits
.Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless without specified)
VRSM/DSM max. non-repetitive reverse/forward blocking voltage 1500V
VRRM/DRM max. repetitive reverse/forward blocking voltage 1400V
RMS current per terminal IRMS 200 A
Virtual junction temperature Tvj -40~125 °C
Operation temperature Top -40~100°C
Storage temperature Tstg -40~125 °C
Weight 81g
Mounting torque MD 2.5~4 N.M
Isolation voltage t=1minute 50 /60 Hz,RMS Iisol ≤ 1 mA 3600V
slope resistance * 13.8 mΩ

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